Black Tourmaline + Mica

Black Tourmaline + Mica

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- Protection - Positivity - Grounding -

Black Tourmaline acts as a bodyguard stone, absorbing the negative energy that surrounds it and providing protection, helping you keep your energetic vibration at a higher, positive frequency.

If you are looking for a protection stone, Black Tourmaline is your ideal secret weapon. It’s impeccable powers and its ability to transmute negative energies into something positive make it a must for your toolbox of crystals that beautifully serve and protect.

A wonderful grounding stone, Black Tourmaline, will help you if you find yourself feeling lost and vulnerable in this world. If you feel like your own emotions are spinning out of control, then Black Tourmaline can be the friend you need to bring yourself back to grounding.

This is a combination stone, that also includes wonderful golden streaks of mica.

Mica provides reflective qualities to allow you to recognise flaws while remaining in a heart space to continue to love while loving the imperfections. Providing energy and purpose to move forward, Mica helps us appreciate lessons of the past.

This beautiful combination stone will help protect you from negative energies, and allow you to return them to the source. This is also an excellent piece to ward off nightmares, give you a safe, grounded feeling and purify and neutralise negative thinking.

Born in Brazil.