The Crystal Mystery Box

The Crystal Mystery Box

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Step into the enchanting world of the Crystal Blonde's "Crystal Mystery Box," a portal to mystical wonders that defies the ordinary. These alluring boxes, available in threesizes, promise a captivating voyage into the realm of healing crystals and metaphysical treasures.

At the Crystal Blonde, we embrace the unseen forces, and our Crystal Mystery Box encapsulates the essence of the mystical, whisking you away on a whimsical journey.

As you lift the lid of your chosen box, you'll uncover a meticulously curated selection of healing wonders, gleaming crystals, and gemstones that serve as guiding beacons on your spiritual journey. With an air of enchantment and an aura of mystery, each Crystal Mystery Box invites you to explore a dimension where the everyday transcends into the extraordinary, and the magical becomes tangible.

Whether you're an experienced mystic or a curious novice, our Crystal Mystery Box opens the door to unraveling the secrets of the metaphysical universe, as revealed through its thoughtfully chosen treasures.

Embark on a voyage with the Crystal Blonde's Crystal Mystery Box, and let it be a testament to the mesmerizing allure of metaphysical marvels, where magic and healing coalesce to craft a truly spellbinding experience.


Small £10 (worth £25) 

Medium £20 (worth £45) 

Large £30 (worth £75)