Rainbow Calcite Polished Sphere

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- Motivation - Spiritual Growth - Cleansing 

*** Crystal Blonde Favourite***

Calcite connects our intellect with our emotions, producing emotional intelligence. It positively affects anyone who has lost motivation and brings in positive energies to rekindle the spark of interest or joy in life. 

Calcite is a powerful cleanser of energy and is also an amplifier stone. It enhances the vibration of any crystal it is near to and the frequencies of the human biofield. It removes stagnant energy within the body, and the spectrum of colors of Calcite cleanses the subtle and psychic bodies, leaving your aura clear and energised. 

Calcite is a spiritual crystal linked to higher consciousness. It accelerates spiritual growth, learning, and development and is useful in past life regression or soul journey work. 

Each sphere comes with phenomenal natural rainbows included. 

Chosen intuitively, each sphere weighing around 135g and 5cm across.